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Have a Sachary.

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Working on the next IV sketchbook~~

What happened to Stu ?! D8

ça m’a tellement pris un temps pour percuter que je me rend compte que visuellement ce sont ni les oreilles, ni les yeux qui me définissent Stu mais les bouclettes XD

M’en parle pas ! Quand j’ai eu ‘fini’ la tronche j’ai été prise d’un bon moment de désespoir… xD

Working on the next IV sketchbook~~

What happened to Stu ?! D8

A quickie of Gabriel, a young sidhe living under the same roof as Fox (the cat pooka) and a Nocker player of the chronicle.
He’s a medium bordering on “gigantic ghost-magnet”, which make nights –and some days– somehow complicated… hence the dark circles under his eyes. Oh well he’s lovely, so it’s not very difficult for him to find nightly occupations. *eyeroll*

Not really sure about the looks : I described him like as the ‘romantic sickly poet' kind of guy at first but I'm not very satisfied now. :/

And suddenly a wild Stuart appears !
Havin fun’ depriving him of caffeine, and trying to show how he has physically changed since the first scenario.
When Stu got hired by Doyle, he was almost all day long in the basement gym of the Agency, working out.
Two and a half months later, his teacher at the Bastille Academy of Arms made him stop, because he was putting on muscle too fast for him to adjust, as a result of which his speed (his best asset) was decreasing too much.
Later again, after a hard time where he couldn’t sleep much at night, he started jogging in the early mornings along the Seine.

Put this and his new homemade diet, and you get a very healthy pooka ! x)

(Oh hum and yeah, his hair gets longer because, well he no more has his girlfriend to cut it for him. And I htink it doesn’t even come close to his mind that you can go and pay someone to cut it for you… xD)


The early spring and March will be for Ethan, the druid.

This one is a very very old character. He was already in my brain and stories far before I met Changeling. He was, of course, part of the old chronicle “Changeling Opera” and he’s also part of the new one. A traveler, a shaman, he became the first link I locked between my two chronicles, Paris in Vitro and Es war Einmal. (First step to the cross-over between these two… wooohooo X) )

Ethan’s history takes its roots in the middle ages. During the first millennium when the land of the faeries started to separate itself from the mortal world. He was at this time, the son of the Dragon, the great warrior that escorted through the darkness the chosen one, l’Etoile, Liam, to the white city where the child could reign. Ethan grew as a very strong and powerful druid under the protection of Liam that with years became like a father for him. But he died quite young because of the Inquisition.

He came to life again in 1885 with the gift of Faery eternity (meaning that he doesn’t grow old or at least… very very slowly) So in the old chronicle he was a quite young old man of 116 years XD Still the very powerful shaman kind.

Today, as I said, he’s the link between my two stories. He’s a very influent sorcerer that sometimes come in Paris to help or to visiting is family (Mom, dad and little bro as they both incarnate in this time too) and he went to Germany to help a young friend that suffers from a curse.

He met the players there and helped them as he could, linking his own spirit owl Bubo, to Sachary while the eshu boy search for his own guardian and escorted the children home after a terrifying battle with a dautain.

Can’t tell more here without spoiling so, times for the credits !


Chamanic Child – me – 2004 - Old, ugly and no accurate as I was doing a pic for someone and I was in the mood to use my own character for this. Could have been the past life of Ethan and Aurore his mate if they didn’t died together in a burning forest at the very beginning of their relationship. Yes, it’s a sort of prehistoric Nolan here ^  ^

Ethan past – me – 2004 Like he was in my old chronicle. ^   ^

Don’t forget coffeeme

Waiting for the busEleithel

The shaman and the fashion victimYris

Happy new year – Grain de café

Ave Stellame

We are their guardiansme

Did you hear that ?me

Ethan speed painting - me


That’s all for today and… by the way. Happy Birthday Ethan ^  ^

This… this is archeology ! This sketch was made in.. What ? 2005 ? 2006 ? xD
Poor, poor Ethan, I’m STILL sorry ‘bout his pic. xD

Working on another one ! My light sources are so classy. *0*/
I’m still wondering about the background…

Reference used.


A dash of gold from ‘Mononoke’.
(Source: the bakeneko)

shikanome said: Yoh! Trop cool ce meme! Je demanderais bien Kris avec la 14, parce que je dois avouer que je suis curieuse de voir ce quelle genre de truc pourrait bien paraître inhabituel avec un gosse pareil... XD;;;

Après consultation avec sa môman, et en évitant tout spoil… Kriss qui fait quelque chose qu’il ne fait pas d’habitude : LE MÉNAGE !!! \o/


(ouais à la place des souris et des tourterelles, cette Cendrillon-là fait apparaître une pie, comme quoi sous le Dôme c’est pas Disneyland !)

I have this weird obsession with Maëlle being one of the “cool kids”, so sometimes I indulge myself with pseudo-selfies of her !

She’s -obviously- tattooed with half-shaven head, like Cassie, Kesha and such. Um, yeah I might be watching too much pop videos… XD

At least I didn’t put Kriss in the frilly green dress, even though I’m sure he could pull the look as well ! 8D

For the previously posted meme, Eleithel asked me for Stuart + 17 !
I’d like to say that it was very imagination-stretching but alas Stu gets beaten up quite often… most of the time because my dice hate me, sometimes because my storyteller loves to make him miserable like that <3

OC Art Meme!!!


Send a number and I’ll draw my OC:

  1. In what they normally wear
  2. In what I’m currently wearing
  3. In a school uniform
  4. In swimwear
  5. In underwear
  6. With no clothes on
  7. In winter clothes
  8. In fancy clothes
  9. Making 3 different expressions
  10. Standing on their hands
  11. With their…

Sounds fun, and quite the artblock killer, I’m in !
Dear people, just don’t expect good-looking sketches though, imma do the roughest of the rough ! ;p
Oh and pick whichever oc you’d like, IV, los angeles crew, doesn’t matter !


Huntington Beach

A “making of” gif i made just for kicks. First pic is the only part i salvaged of my last attempt to make something out this sketch, and every working layer after that !
I’ve been using photoshop and the likes for 17 years now (le gasp) and I’m stll baffled by the changes the layers modes make ! xD
(come on, that overlay layer which goes “Monochrome ? I’m bringing the colors ON !” isn’t that pure magic ? *0*)

Natural Environment by fatras-yris

IS IT… THE MAGIC OF FEB 14th ? (///*0*///)

Galen, I never use you in game but… I love you, really, I do.